4. Remote Sensing Applications

Remote sensing application is a software application that procedures remote sensing data. Remote sensing applications are comparable to graphics software, but they enable generating geographic information from satellite and airborne sensor data. Remote sensing data help in regular management of water resources, finding different types of bioresources, plays potential role in both rapid & comprehensive EIA, detection and monitoring of the water pollution, acquiring information regarding offshore engineering activities, fisheries surveillance, ocean features, coastal regions and storm forecast operations, identifying Potential Fishing Zones (PFZ), and  Continuous monitoring of land use or land cover with remote sensing imageries have been of huge use in providing information on temporal and spatial changes in area under aquaculture, mangrove areas, coral reef mapping & other land use patterns. Remote sensing applications read specialized file formats that contain sensor image data, georeferencing information & sensor metadata. Some of the more popular remote sensing file formats include: GeoTIFF, NITF, JPEG 2000, ECW (file format), MrSID, HDF, and NetCDF.

  • Global Change
  • Coastal Zone/Fisheries
  • Water Quality & Water Resources
  • Agriculture & Soil
  • Vegetation & Crops
  • Forest Resources
  • Ecology/Environment Change
  • Land Use/Land Cover
  • Geology/Geography/Geomorphology
  • Geo-hazards/Disasters
  • Mountain Environment and Mapping
  • Coastal Zone Monitoring
  • Atmosphere/Oceanography
  • Archaeology
  • Natural Resources
  • Hydrology
  • Urban Change Monitoring
  • High Resolution Satellite Mapping
  • Night time Remote Sensing
  • Other Remote Sensing Applications
  • Satellite Remote Sensing System
  • Airborne Remote Sensing System
  • UAV/UAS Remote Sensing System
  • RS/GIS/GPS Integrated Applications
  • Hyper spectral Sensing
  • Microwave Sensors/SAR/InSAR/D-InSAR
  • Laser Sensors/LIDAR
  • Digital Camera
  • Digital Earth

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